On My Way: Howie and the Light Signed Copy




Howie the Little Boat begins his adventure towards home with a group of friendly fish and encounters some rough patches along his way but a bright light illuminates the night sky in Latoya Dawkins’ first install in her Howie the Little Boat children’s book adventure series.  All proceeds go to funding grants for infertility patients through Our Miracle Child Foundation. 

Howie is the most spirited boat on the big blue sea, with the brightest smile you’ve ever seen. When a storm hits while he’s separated from his family and trying to get back home, he starts to feel scared and lonely but not for long. Just as the rain picks up, Howie discovers his path home! Howie soon learns he can always find his way, even in the toughest of times.

Latoya Dawkins brings her new inspiring, fun, and lovable character to life through this beautiful story of courage, friendship, and perseverance during life’s obstacles.

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