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The grant application season for the summer of 2022 has officially started! We are accepting applications through late August/early September. The grant will provide one family with up to $10,000 to pay for infertility treatment costs. The grant is available to same-sex and heterosexual married couples who are permanent residents of the United States of America and have an infertility diagnosis.

At Our Miracle Child, we believe in providing everyone with the opportunity to hold their own miracle child no matter their obstacles, including financial barriers. Please SHARE this opportunity with anyone you know who may be interested in applying for the grant! Simply sharing with a friend may get this news to someone who needs it. It is because of your continued support that we can extend a helping hand to struggling families to provide support and remind them that they are not alone.

Visit our “Applying For A Grant” page on the Our Miracle Child website to learn about the application process. Email us at if you have any questions!

THANK YOU! It is because of YOU, our supporters, followers, donors, infertility advocates, that we have been able to make it to this incredible milestone! ❤️❤️ The application for the Our Miracle Child grant is LIVE on our website and open to infertility couples seeking financial assistance for infertility-related treatment and medication costs (full eligibility requirements are on our website, link in bio). THANK YOU for all your help in supporting the Foundation. We are beyond grateful and excited to start our first infertility grant application cycle. It is because of your contributions, that we are able to touch the lives of numerous infertility patients to come. 💫🌈 Check out our recorded Lives below and on our Facebook and Instagram pages to learn more about the application process and exciting news and events coming your way! Our Miracle Child is here for you. ❤️ #StrongerTogether #infertilitycommunity #fertilitycommunity #infertilitysucks #infertilitywarriors #infertilitycouples #ttc #ttccommunity #ivf #ivfcommunity #infertilitysupport #infertilityawareness #pcos #iui #icsi #infertilitytreatmentgrant #strongertogether
Latoya (Powell) Dawkins
Let’s build a building!

Black women undergoing fertility treatment experience worse outcomes than their white women counterparts. Reproductive justice for Black women starts with dispelling the politicized and racist myth that Black bodies are uber fertile and consequently unworthy of full quality access to healthcare.

Battling infertility while in law school at night and working full time during the day, and being a newlywed was equivalent to a trial by fire. The loneliness I felt just being a Black woman associate, let alone was rough and juggling the trauma of infertility all while trying to establish or advance my career, silenced me, as it silences the voices of so many women in the workplace.” 

Join us on June 17th when we partner with RESOLVE and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine for Advocacy Day. Let’s help light the way for countless families who need Pro-Family legislation






“Thank you Mayor Filippelli and the State College community and Mayor Sorace and the City of Lancaster for helping move the needle on infertility awareness. Joe and I were proud members of the Nittany Lion State College family (Class of 2000), and this Proclamation has “We Are” written all over it.”


JOIN Kellee Stewart Actress, Writer, Producer & proud EGG ADVOCATE creator/host of #WARRIORWEDNESDAYS on WARRIORWEDNESDAYS and so many amazing WARRIORS for women’s health/fertility talk (oh and me… linked here)

JOIN ME and Kellee Stewart Actress, Writer, Producer & proud EGG ADVOCATE creator/host of #WARRIORWEDNESDAYS LIVE TODAY and so many amazing WARRIORS for women’s health/fertility talk!

THANK YOU SISTER! “We’re here and we ain’t going no where.”


Our Founder is also an author.

Our Founder is also an author.

Latoya Dawkins planned to be a writer when she fell in love with rich and complex literature as a child after reading Mildred Taylor novels but she has spent over a decade in the healthcare industry space, and works as a healthcare attorney since graduating law school and earning a Masters degree in English Literature from Columbia University.   True to her passion to help patients, she dedicates her spare time to her foundation which is geared towards helping infertility couples in their pursuit to hold their miracle baby.   She now returns to her first love, writing, where she draws on Dr. Dorothy Nolte’s poem “Children Learn What They Live” that hung on her childhood bedroom wall, and creates a courageous testament to survival in tough times that every child can hold onto throughout life.  On My Way is her first book and is inspired by her and her late husband’s fertility journey and pursuit to hold their miracle child.   Little ones and their parents will want to snuggle up and turn the pages of this story together, over and over again.

What do you hope young readers take away from your book?

“That storms will come, but you are never alone. The light is always there. Just like Howie, my husband and I found our light in midst of storms because of upbringing, community, family, courage and perseverance in spite of fear and insecurities.”

“Storms will come but you are never alone, promised Nicy.” Discover more about Nicy and Howie in the next book in the series.

I am part of the 1 in 8.

Join me along with physicians, patient advocates, infertility patients and organizations as we continue to raise awareness, reduce the stigma of infertility and provide support to patients who may be feeling alone, isolated, financially stressed, and depressed while navigating the increasing medication costs, hormones, injections, appointments, retrievals and supplement-filled world of infertility.