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On My Way: Howie and the Light 💫📚


“Reading Every Night

I bought this book for a friend to read to her daughter. She said – “My almost 3 year old daughter absolutely loves this book. The pictures are so colorful and fun to look at—she especially loves the expressions on Howie’s face, and I love the beautiful story it tells. Thank you for writing this adorable children’s book! We’ve read it every night for two weeks now.”
Overcoming Fear
“This a cute book that teaches kid not to leave your friends alone when they are in a problem. A little bit support can help them overcome their fears.”

A little treasure for my bookcase

“An adorable little picture book to read aloud for toddlers – and even older children. I love the colorful illustrations too. A little treasure for my books!”


An Amazing Book and Smooth Read

“My daughters really enjoyed this book! The story is very relatable and easy to follow. My oldest (6) loves the book so much that we take turns reading it twice before she goes bed. I highly recommend On My Way: Howie and the Light!!!”

Great children’s book!

“My son really enjoyed it! Compelling story and heartwarming plot!”

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