Breaking Blues, Inc.



Our Miracle Child Foundation’s sister nonprofit, Breaking Blues Inc., founded January 7, 2022, partners with established networks to reach the children living with depression throughout the country and help them discover their full potential and live in peace and joy. Breaking Blues Inc. is established in the indelible memory of the late Joseph Howard Michael Dawkins, by supporting designated children’s sports and music enrichment programs, two of Joe’s myriad of talented gifts. Anxiety and depression among children is on the rise. My husband described himself as a “blue child.” His clinical depression, despite being celebrated as a scholar throughout his formative years and becoming a football and track star, manifested throughout his adult life. 3.2% of children aged 3-17 years (approximately 1.9 million) have diagnosed depression. Donate today and help them discover unspeakable joy.






As Breaking Blues endeavors to raise money for grants for the children, specifically those children living in lower income communities, rural and communities of color, to attend sports and music enrichment programs, may the lives Breaking Blues touches be strengthened by the designated programs we support. 


Our board of directors will be comprised of experienced change agents who are dedicated to helping those most in need. By raising money to fund grants for children to attend sports and music programs, children living with depression can learn the value of teamwork, discipline, and being focused while having fun. Sports and music enrichment programs can improve a child’s cognitive skills and emotional well-being while staying active and healthy. Studies show that sports and music programs can raise a child’s IQ, college entrance test scores, lower the risk of obesity and heart disease, increase ability to express emotions, reasoning and language skills, and give them the opportunity to experience the rewards of team participation.  If you are interested in helping Breaking Blues serve the needs of children living with depression, email us at


Success is the smile on the children’s faces we will encounter.