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In the throes of infertility, you may be asking yourself “why me?”  You are not alone.  

I asked myself for a long time why after struggling with infertility for over a decade. The awkward smile my husband and I would make after the wedding ceremony had passed and family members would ask with bated breath, “so when is the baby coming” had become all-too-familiar.  After eight unsuccessful months, we sought medical help.  

The years that followed would be filled with fibroids, surgeries, navigating testing and treatment options in the often stigmatized world of infertility.  Many infertility couples suffer in silence as they drain their bank accounts on costly treatment cycles because they lack insurance coverage. The stress from the financial and emotional pressure creates a less than ideal environment in the body of the infertility patient looking to conceive.  Instead of witnessing the cycle that would bear fruit, we experienced being stuck in a cycle of heartbreak.

Not until after the passing of my husband in May of 2020 did I receive the vision to turn our infertility journey into a driven purpose to help infertility couples on their path to hold their miracle baby.  Our last IVF cycle in 2019, after having endured five failed IVF treatment cycles, may not have resulted in our fervent hopes and dreams of holding our miracle baby in our arms, but our countless tears, sleepless nights, and legacy is not in vain.  

This is our story and I finally understand why.  I survived infertility to be able to share my voice with policymakers and change agents to address access to care issues for infertility patients through our Foundation.  

The Latoya and Joe Dawkins Miracle Child Foundation

Our Foundation, the Latoya and Joe Dawkins Miracle Child Foundation, through visionary leadership, healthcare industry experience, and charitable giving, is dedicated to strengthening the delivery of comprehensive infertility patient support services and wellness for infertility couples.  Help us today raise awareness and funds for infertility couples nationwide.   Our Foundation not only provides grants to infertility couples but also serves as a gateway to connecting them with third party financial assistance programs and volunteers to help with eligibility questions and supportive care assistance like marriage counseling throughout the infertility continuum.  

Still, our Foundation understands that having a child is not the last step. It is a lifelong commitment to the rearing, nourishment and guidance of a life. Many children every day go without access to comprehensive healthcare resources. 1.9 million children have diagnosed depression. My husband described himself as a “blue child.”  His clinical depression, despite being celebrated as a scholar throughout his formative years and becoming a football and track star, manifested throughout his adult life. 

In honor of his memory, our Foundation’s subsidiary will partner with donors to build a network that empowers and improves the lives of children with diagnosed depression. By supporting designated children sports and music enrichment programs, two of Joe’s myriad of talented gifts, and offering grants to attend these programs, we aim to provide opportunities for early diagnosed children to keep active and have fun. 

Join our Foundation in lighting the path for babies fighting to get here and those fighting to stay. 

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