Announcing our Fall 2022 Grant Recipients!

We are thrilled to announce our grant recipients for the Our Miracle Child Grant! Please join us in congratulating Sheena and Cobie as they continue their family building journey.

Sheena and Cobie first met on a date in 2005 and immediately felt a connection. Sheena felt attracted to Cobie’s infectious personality and his love for his family and friends. Cobie was drawn to Sheena for her family-oriented nature. They quickly knew that they loved each other like family and even when they both encountered difficult obstacles, they overcame them together, becoming even stronger and more closely bonded in the process. When the pandemic hit, Sheena and Cobie did not want to waste another second without being husband and wife. So, on November 7, 2020, they were married in an intimate ceremony with masks and social distancing protocols in place. They chose their wedding date to honor their deceased parents, Sheena’s mother whose birthday was on November 3rd and Cobie’s father whose birthday was on November 4.

Now, Sheena and Cobie are in the process of their family building journey. Although not anticipating the struggles they would go through in conceiving a child, Sheena and Cobie continue to remind themselves that this chapter will not be the end of their family story. They find comfort in their faith and in the plan God has for them to continue down this path and to prepare for whatever lies next. As Sheena and Cobie’s love story continues to be written every second, they cannot wait for the opportunity to be loving, present, and caring parents for their one day miracle child. They will remember the challenges they overcame to become even better parents for their child and to love and protect them as mother and father throughout all the turbulent phases of life. “Just the thought of the next chapter with the three (or more) of us makes me