Happy Anniversary!

It’s Your Anniversary 

God blessed you, Our Miracle Child Foundation, one year ago today to embark on your journey of touching the lives of so many over this past year. Through your light, men and women opened up and shared their stories with you, and together you built a legacy that will last for generations to come. May you continue to serve the interests of infertility couples on their journey to hold their miracle child. May you continue to help light the way for the reproductive health community and all those in need of a voice, an ear, a resource, a compassionate hand, in the midst of challenging times. You have served them well. And with the help of friends, family, donors, volunteers, changemakers, fellow advocates, you will continue to serve infertility couples and patients until access to equitable reproductive health is obtained for all.   

Today, I pray for blessings over your sister nonprofit, Breaking Blues Inc., founded today, January 7, 2022, as it sets out to reach the children living with depression throughout the country to help them know their full potential and provide them the opportunity to live in peace and joy. As Breaking Blues endeavors to raise money for grants for these children, specifically those living in lower-income communities (rural areas and communities of color), to attend sports and music enrichment programs, may the lives it touches be strengthened by the programs we support. Breaking Blues Inc. is established in the indelible memory of the late Joseph Howard Michael Dawkins and supports designated children’s sports and music enrichment programs, two of Joe’s myriad of talented gifts. 

My husband described himself as a “blue child.” His clinical depression, despite being celebrated as a scholar throughout his formative years and becoming a football and track star, manifested throughout his adult life. Depression among children is on the rise with 3.2% of children aged 3-17 years old (approximately 1.9 million) having been diagnosed with depression (source: CDC). Depression can affect how children interact with others and prevent them from enjoying normal childhood activities such as school, sports, and hobbies. By offering grants to attend these sports and music programs, children living with depression can learn the value of teamwork, discipline, and being focused while having fun. Sports and music enrichment programs can improve a child’s cognitive skills and emotional well-being while staying active and healthy. Studies show that sports and music programs can raise a child’s IQ, college entrance test scores, lower the risk of obesity and heart disease, increase the ability to express emotions, reasoning, and language skills, and give them the opportunity to experience the rewards of team participation. These programs strengthen skills and provide experiences that are so important in childhood development and provide children the necessary tools to succeed in their adult lives.

Inspired by the values of my family

For generations, my family has valued God and stewardship, community, education, entrepreneurship and discipline, measurable results of hard work, youth empowerment, and the joy that comes from helping make a difference in people’s lives which remain important core values in both foundations. Our legacies are enriched by a strong Black and Lumbee heritage. BPD Philanthropies parent holding company will house both The Our Miracle Child Foundation and Breaking Blues Inc. and is committed to honoring generations of my family, past and present, as both foundations bring together our longstanding areas of interest in education, social reform, and improving the lives of those in need. While the focus of each foundation differs, together, both aim to improve the health, education, and overall well-being of those most in need.

With Love.